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Server List

The server list presented by the visual client list all servers found through the Steam network, or explicit TCP/IP lookup.

Results are presented in lists, selectable by clicking on the respective tab:

  • All: Shows all detected servers regardless of origin or condition
  • Friends: Only lists servers owned by your friends
  • Visited: Lists all servers you have ever connected to (preserved in game folder\client\visitedWorlds.txt)
  • Remote TCP: Any server that was manually added via the [Add new host...] button
  • Local: Any server(s) that have been started locally

Each boxed entry represents one server. A blueish tint indicates a localhost TCP connection as opposed to a Steam peer-to-peer connection. The following information is presented for each:

  • WorldID: The ID of the world being run on the respective server
  • Owner: The user name of the owner of the server. A green tint indicates a friend of your's, or yourself
  • Online: The number of online factions / the number of created factions
  • Round: The current game round number. If 'Closed Game' is listed among the ruleset, and the current round number is beyond 0, then you may not create any new faction
  • Rules: Active ruleset, game, and server condition

Clicking on any boxed server will attempt connecting to it.

In order to connect to some remote or non-standard-port TCP server, press the [Add new host...] button and enter the URL. It will be listed in the 'All' and the 'Remote TCP' tabs (or potentially 'Local' for localhost hosts). The client will continuously make connection attempts until some TCP connection could be established to its info port.

The buttons [Start local server] and [Stop local server] can be used to start/stop local servers. Note that servers started this way close when the client window is closed.